New Employee Onboarding is Easy! Right?

Your team already put in the hard work of approving the position, advertising, reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates, and selecting your next superstar. All that is left now is to put a pile of new hire paperwork in front of them on their first day, come back in an hour and get the employee to their desk. Right?

Well, maybe in 2005 that worked but your institution is now far more advanced with more tools and new resources available to it. Onboarding is really the first official “employee experience” for your new hire. Do you want their first experience being left alone, in the HR office behind a pile of forms and papers? Of course not. Nobody likes all that paper including HR!

How do you balance ensuring all the required paperwork is completed on time and greatly improve the new hires’ time to proficiency while eliminating manual tasks that increase the chances of errors during the onboarding process? Technology is the answer but certainly not the entire answer. Using the Hirezon Onboarding module will allow more time for your HR team and hiring managers to communicate with and train new employees. Ultimately your best onboarding asset is still human talent. Give them the proper amount of time to work with new hires by using technology to your advantage. Everyone will be better for it.

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