The Hirezon User Community Conference 2024 was an exceptional event. Read testimonials from some of our attendees…

The conference format is well executed and worth attending. I found the sessions where peer institutions have an opportunity to present on their use of Interview Exchange to be very beneficial.  

An excellent opportunity to meet with other Interview Exchange users, Hirezon’s team of dedicated professionals, and higher education advertising partners in fun but highly informative sessions. This conference will have a positive impact on how your institution uses Interview Exchange. 

Sean Grady, Berkshire Community College


It was great to hear how others are using the platform and what we may be able to adapt. There are a few things that we are not using that would be helpful to implement. 

The accommodations and food was excellent. I enjoyed the time to connect with colleagues and the IE team. The conference was very informative and engaging. 

Kimberly Page, Fitchburg State University


I loved having the opportunity to come back to the Hirezon User Conference for the second straight year. I always come away with lots of great best practices and tips/tricks from the presenters, Hirezon team, and the other HR professionals in attendance. I continue to be impressed by the members of the Hirezon team and how eager they are to teach, support, and provide options to support our HR needs. It’s truly a great event for learning, exploring all of the options Hirezon has, and networking with fellow Higher Ed HR professionals. I’m already looking forward to attending next year’s conference. 

James DiGiuseppe, Northern Essex Community College


The conference was very informative, and I love that we learned some things that we could utilize here at Bristol Community College to help streamline our hiring process. The venue was great and so was the food, everything was well organized. Thank you to you and your wonderful team!

Thank you to Hirezon and their team for providing such great customer service every time! If anyone on our HR team ever needed help with an update to our Interview Exchange or if we had any questions, they are always quick to help us solve any of our issues. My colleagues and I really enjoyed our time at the Interview Exchange Conference, and we were able to bring forward some new ideas to share with the rest of our team to help streamline our hiring process. 

Laurice Veillard, Bristol Community College


This was my second time attending the conference and once again it was top notch. The topics were perfectly varied, which allowed me to bring good information back to my team in a number of areas. It’s so important to hear from other users on how they are using Interview Exchange to broaden one’s own thinking. I also appreciate that some of the presenters are not Hirezon specific (HigherEd Jobs and Segal, for example). Those types of presenters allow us to gain insight and great information on areas pertaining to higher ed and or employment in general; very useful! 

I love everything about Mohegan Sun. The accommodations are beautiful and meticulously kept. The food and drinks have always been fantastic (thank you for that), and the staff across the board are welcoming and helpful. Not to mention it’s a fun place to be! So much to see and do when it’s downtime from the conference sessions. Being from Massachusetts, it’s also a very easy place for me to get to, although I know some attendees had a much further drive. 

I also love the opportunity to spend time with the Hirezon team as well. For some reason I always feel sad when this conference is over, which speaks volumes about the folks from Hirezon (and the attendees). I guess I’d liken it to being a kid when your birthday party is over and everyone goes home; you just don’t want it to end! 
Thank you for a wonderful conference, full of excellent information, and a darn good time with truly good people. 

The Hirezon team, and the attendees, are always such good people to be with. In addition to the conference sessions, having downtime to just get to know people is a pleasure. You will make wonderful contacts and friends at this conference. I highly recommend attending – and often!  

Kim Fisher, Clark University


Great conference! Top notch all around – always appreciate the invite! One of my favorite conferences to attend! I always enjoy listening to and learning about what other institutions are doing for their employees – it’s the best way to generate some new ideas! 

Heather Griffin, Empire State University


All aspects of the conference were fantastic. 

This was my first year attending the conference. As a professional that is newer to the HR field and to my university, the conference was a great way to network and see how other institutions use the modules. This allowed me to bring suggestions back to my team to improve our processes. The agenda kept us busy and informed with multiple sessions each day. The Hirezon team provides a very personable experience – they are able to call their customers by name and know exactly what features they use. It’s the best customer service from a vendor that I have ever received. I can’t wait to attend next year! 

Brittany Baxa, Westfield State University


Everything was great. 

We have been using Hirezon since 2009 and have been able to grow as the company grows. It makes it easier to see what other colleges are doing or discuss options as they are having similar issues with things like onboarding, screening candidates, performance evaluations.

Jessica Schavrien, Quinsigamond Community College


The venue and hospitality were above my expectations. 

 ….a couple of presenters … provided us (me) with what Hirezon-IE system looks like from a different perspective. 

Donna Bouchard, Mount Wachusett Community College


As a first-time attendee of the Hirezon User Conference, I came away thoroughly impressed. The sessions were extremely informative and engaging. The topics and speakers were insightful and provided a learning experience for me. I thought it was great to be able to see real examples of the applications in use. It was really great to have the opportunity to ask questions throughout the conference. RVCC has been a customer of Hirezon for quite some time, and I have personally used Interview Exchange ATS for the past 3 years in my role. The product is very user friendly and the customer service team is excellent. The team is always willing and available to help in any way possible. We look forward to continuing a great relationship with Hirezon at RVCC! 

Andrew Sclafani, Raritan Valley Community College


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