If you aren’t sending and receiving Adjunct Contracts electronically, you don’t know what you are missing.

With more and more classes being taught online or in a hybrid format, adjuncts are coming to campus locations less and less. Throw in COVID-19, this is forcing institutions to think differently (and more strategically) on how they onboard new adjuncts and issue appointment /reappointment letters and contracts. We have seen a huge increase in the utilization of our onboarding module to do exactly that.

Not only have clients been realizing how easy it to create contracts, but they are also realizing other peripheral benefits from automating the process electronically. Below are just a few of the ways utilizing electronic adjunct contracts can take your process to the next level:

  1. Initiate contracts centrally, by division, or by department.
  2. Seamlessly route contracts for appropriate approvals.
  3. Reduce data entry mistakes by pre-populating information like Course Numbers, Course Titles, Pay Rates, Class Locations, Start / End dates, Credit Hours, Signatures of Department Heads, Deans and/or Provost.
  4. Increased ability to track whether contracts have been signed or not. (Utilize the system “Remind” feature for those adjuncts that may have forgotten to sign their contract.)
  5. Adjunct policies can be embedded in contracts so adjuncts can review and accept with each contract issued.
  6. Ability to report on all fields contained within the adjunct contracts allowing institutions to:
    • Track Adjunct Hours / Credits / Compensation.
    • Track number of adjunct contracts issued over a given timeframe.
    • Track adjunct contracts by department, division, semester, or by individual adjunct.
    • Building/Room usage tracking.
  7. Withdraw and/or re-issue contracts if classes are cancelled or class size changes (maintain audit trail of these changes).
  8. No more Excel sheets and having to utilize Mail Merge from Excel to Word.
  9. Auto distribute completed contracts to payroll.
  10. All this, while reducing your carbon footprint by going paperless.

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