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HR Forms Tracking System

Our higher education focused HR Forms Tracking System assists in managing any business forms and requisitions that need review and approval by one or more managers, directors, deans, vice presidents, etc.

Customizable HR Forms Tracking
Hirezon’s HR Forms Tracking System allows managers to quickly select any business form (Requisition to Fill, Requisition to Hire, Reclassify Position, Personnel Action Form, Salary Change, Promotion Request, Fund Allocation for Temporary Help, etc.) and initiate the review and approval process electronically. Higher Education HR administrators have wide flexibility in assigning user privileges to other staff in the organization.

24/7/365 Availability

Assigned users can access the system anytime from any Internet-connected computer. The HR Forms Tracking System also provides a comprehensive online audit trail.

Online Routing

Configurable settings allow online routing and tracking of various higher education HR forms and requisitions.


Hirezon’s HR Forms Tracking System is compliant with industry-wide standards for login, email and overall security, and collects and maintains performance appraisal information using HTTPS/2048-bit encryption. Our data centers are SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3 certified.

Legal Compliance

The system complies with all federal and state applicable laws and regulations.

Metric Reports

The system has reporting capabilities for all users to manage the routing of electronic HR forms and requisitions, and to track those forms as they make their way through that approval route.

Applicant Tracking System Integration

Seamless integration between Hirezon’s Interview Exchange Applicant Tracking System and HR Forms Tracking System.

Mobile Approvals
Mobile friendly employer portal supports managers and assigned users to review and approve electronic HR forms.
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