MyReferred™: Next-Generation Employee Referral Platform

Building Private Talent Pools: The New Talent Acquisition Paradigm

A private talent pool is a group of individuals – external candidates, alumnae, current employees and students – who share an interest in working for a company. The idea is that by proactively engaging these people on an ongoing basis, one creates an ever-growing pool of potential candidates for job sourcing.

MyReferred’s sources passive and active talent through social networking, quickly building a pool of serious candidates. This non-intrusive, remarkably effective approach can significantly reduce both the time and cost of hiring. Additionally, MyReferred develops second- and third-degree contacts, who often prove to be the most highly qualified candidates.

MyReferred Builds Your Bench Strength

Using the latest social networking techniques and innovative one-to-one marketing, MyReferred makes it simple for you to build relationships with top talent by providing relationship management tools that foster an ongoing dialog with current or future talent assets.

MyReferred Facilitates Efficient Candidate Selection

MyReferred’s state-of-the-art selection tools help you efficiently manage the sourcing process from your private talent database. Quickly search, create shortlists, announce new openings and communicate with qualified prospects based on their profiles. In addition, profiles can be updated at any time by prospects, so you always have access to the latest information.

Requisition Library

Gain real-time visibility into your private talent pool, so that you know what you have before you need it. With a developed talent pool, resource planning no longer has to be reactionary. As business plans are developed and resource requirements evolve, MyReferred lets you quickly survey your talent pool, providing you with the knowledge necessary to ensure that your staffing requirements are met on time.

MyReferred Drives Strategic Workforce Planning

Use our system’s email notification feature to receive alerts when qualified applicants apply online. You can configure notifications to be instant, daily, or weekly.

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