Hirezon/Interview Exchange and Ellucian have partnered to provide our clients a best-in-class employee data integration solution. This new hire/employee data integration will save your HR/payroll teams countless hours of manual data entry, reduce typographical errors, and unintentional omissions.


The College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR) provides dynamic leadership to the higher education community by supplying the knowledge, resources, advocacy and connections to achieve organizational and workforce excellence.


Hirezon/Interview Exchange and HigherEdJobs have partnered to provide an integrated solution to manage your job postings on HigherEdJobs. Any time you post a new job, or edit or delete a job through the Hirezon/Interview Exchange system, it will be automatically added to or updated on Higheredjobs. This saves you from having to re-enter job postings on Higheredjobs and reduces the chance of typographical errors or unintentional omissions.

JobTarget OneClick

JobTarget, the leading online source for recruitment advertising management and distribution, has teamed up with Hirezon/Interview Exchange to offer an easy-to-use, one-click job-posting solution that enables you to post your job to any site on the Internet – right from Interview Exchange ATS.

Inside Higher Ed

Inside Higher Ed is the free daily news website for people who work in higher education. Breaking news, lively commentary and thousands of job postings bring more than 650,000 people to the site each month. Hirezon/Interview Exchange and have partnered to provide an integrated solution to manage your job postings on

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Hirezon/Interview Exchange and The Chronicle of Higher Education have partnered to provide an integrated solution to manage your job postings on – Organic Jobs Listings and (a global leader in connecting people and jobs) have partnered to provide a value-added service to Hirezon -Interview Exchange customers. As part of our current partnership with, all  Interview Exchange ATS jobs can now be distributed for free as organic listing on all Monster sites and applicants will be redirected back to our customer career page for application submission. This partnership leverages advanced technology using intelligent digital, social and mobile solutions.

SearchCommittees is a library of training videos and resources designed to train, equip, and empower search committees to make better decisions, select for diversity, and conduct rigorous and professional searches. It contains over 400 resources and related materials.

Graystone Group

Graystone Group is the number one provider of recruitment advertising for colleges and universities. More than 550 academic institutions rely on Graystone for all of their recruitment needs, including faculty, administrative and staff. Hirezon/Interview Exchange and Graystone have partnered to provide a complete recruitment solution from sourcing to hiring through the Hirezon package.


HERC is a non-profit consortium of over 700 colleges, universities, hospitals, research labs, government agencies, and related non- and for-profit organizations. Consortium members share a commitment to hiring the most diverse and talented faculty, staff, and executives. Hirezon/Interview Exchange and HERC have partnered to provide an integrated solution to manage your job postings on Any time you post a new job, or edit or delete a job through the Interview Exchange ATS, it will be automatically added to or updated on


Sterling’s background check services is the #1 ranked solutions provider for on-demand employment background checks and is integrated with the Hirezon/Interview Exchange Applicant Tracking System. Sterling background checks include drug testing, skills and behavioral assessments, education and employment verification, industry exclusion list searches, professional credential verification, DOT compliance, driving records, and credit checks.


Hirezon partners with CSI to offer a comprehensive suite of cloud-based employment background screening, occupational health services and continuous monitoring solutions. You’ll gain peace of mind in your hiring decisions with accurate, reliable results and robust tools to help maintain a comprehensive screening program.

CSI’s tireless pursuit of accuracy and unwavering attention to compliance are a testament to our philosophy of being a trusted partner in the employee selection process. Companies of all sizes and industries put their trust in CSI’s established best practices in background screening backed by state-of-the-art technology.


Data Facts’ background screening solutions provide clients with innovative, next generation technology and a personalized customer experience. This 360-degree support system is the foundation of our client relationships. Experience the fastest turnaround times, the strongest customer service, and the most accurate information available in background screening with Data Facts. Because, you deserve a better experience.


Hire Image LLC is a nationally accredited specialist in the field of background screening, drug testing and verification services. Our priority is to provide accurate and timely background screening reports, using our secure platform, thus enabling clients to make well-informed hiring and/or retention decisions. Our exceptional support system, live phone answering, compliance centric, and customized reporting is tailored specifically to meet client needs. Hirezon/Interview Exchange and Hire Image have partnered to provide an integrated solution to ensure the best experience for you.


Hirezon – Interview Exchange ATS is integrated with TazWorks – background screening platform. TazWorks providing a total solution for simple, powerful, and user-friendly background screening software.

Orange Tree

Having been in the industry for more than 26 years, Orange Tree’s technology-driven background screening solutions have helped a select group of companies to Hire With ConfidenceTM. We are a national and global provider that specializes in providing a full range of technology-based screening solutions with a commitment to excellent customer care and compliance best practices. We help companies observe federal, state and local regulatory requirements while offering the flexibility to tailor searches to particular industry sectors and individual lines of business – ensuring the best possible screening outcomes and experience for you, your candidates and your company.



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