User’s Perspective of the Interview Exchange Applicant Tracking System

By Russ Vickstrom, Director of HR (Retd), Worcester State University

Applicant Tracking through the Interview Exchange ATS, is certainly a powerful administrative tool for higher education HR staff and search committees as they do their work to effectively process and review candidates for open positions at each campus.  Eliminating paper from the process, streamlining the committee review and communicating among those involved in the process are all hallmarks of any well designed Applicant Tracking System (ATS) as they are with Interview Exchange.

Additionally, there must be a simple and easy to use process for the applicants to register their interest in open positions; another strong feature of the Interview Exchange ATS for Higher Education.  However, there is tremendous power at work behind the scenes with Interview Exchange.

Not only can the system bring efficiency to position posting through automatic distribution, it also collects data for use in decision-making concerning the overall effectiveness of your recruiting process. From demographic statistics concerning the location of the applicants in the pool, to self-identification of gender, race and ethnicity to sourcing data concerning how applicants discover the openings, the metrics reports built into the system provide powerful opportunities for management to understand the effectiveness of their recruiting efforts.

Is the pool adequately diverse?
Where are the applicants currently residing?
How did they hear about the opening?
How long did it take from posting to hire?
What is the cost per hire?

All of these questions should be part of any review of recruitment success. The Interview Exchange ATS is designed to help you with the answers.

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