Why the great resignation should be good news for your institution!

You have heard it over and over, maybe you have even said it yourself, “we just can’t find good help to fill our vacant positions”.

Placing an ad in the “usual” places doesn’t always result in qualified candidates. Maybe you are not looking in the right place!

You have a great community full of dedicated Faculty, Staff, and Adjuncts. They all love working for your students and institution. Why is it so hard to find good employees like these?

Have you ever thought, “Why are you not tapping your existing Faculty, Staff, and Adjuncts for referrals?”. I mean, you just said your existing employees are the dedicated type of people you are looking for, right? What about tapping your alumni and students? THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES! An ever-growing institutional talent pool right at your fingertips that share a common interest in your institution!

Using the latest social networking techniques and innovative one-to-one marketing, MyReferred makes it simple for you to build relationships with top talent by providing relationship management tools that foster an ongoing dialog with current or future talent assets and source passive and active talent allowing you to quickly build a pool of serious candidates. This non-intrusive, remarkably effective approach can significantly reduce both the time and cost of hiring. Additionally, MyReferred develops second- and third-degree contacts, who often prove to be the most highly qualified candidates.

Quickly search and announce new openings to qualified prospects based on their profiles. Gain real-time visibility into your private talent pool. With a developed talent pool, resource planning no longer must be reactionary.

In short, MyReferred can help shorten your “time-to-fill” vacant positions, and quite possibly increase employee retention.

To request a demo, please call our sales office at 1-877-599-HIRE (1-877-599-4473) or CLICK HERE.

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