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Farmingdale State College faced significant challenges with their hiring process, which was heavily reliant on manual, paper-based tasks. This cumbersome method resulted in a lengthy process, often extending up to 6 months from inception to hire. The reliance on physical documents led to inefficiencies and a frustrating experience, especially when documents were misplaced. Given the college’s extensive campus, spanning multiple buildings, the search for lost forms could be daunting, often requiring the process to restart if the search was unsuccessful. Moreover, these inefficiencies affected not only the administrative staff but also new hires, who would only be placed on payroll a month after the semester began, leading to sub-optimal experiences for all involved.

Hirezon’s Solution for Farmingdale State College

To address these challenges, Farmingdale State College turned to Hirezon’s suite of solutions. The collaboration began with the implementation of an Interview Exchange Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which was met with enthusiastic approval from the staff, notably Mary Beth McCluskey, who hailed it as a “godsend.” Encouraged by the success of the ATS, the college expanded its use of Hirezon’s services to include Forms and onboarding modules. This shift to a digital platform dramatically streamlined operations, transforming a process that previously took months into one that could be completed within weeks. The adoption of Hirezon’s solutions enabled the college to significantly increase its staff by more than 50% (from 950 to 1500 employees) without the need to expand its HR team, attributing this efficiency to automation and the smooth operation of the system. Hirezon’s system has been instrumental in managing various processes, including those for student assistants, adjunct faculty, and full-time hires.

Recommendation for other institutions

Farmingdale State College strongly recommends that institutions lacking an applicant tracking system consider adopting one to enhance their operational efficiency. Specifically, the college highlights Hirezon’s exceptional personalized service, noting the company’s responsiveness to inquiries and the ability to tailor the system to meet the college’s specific needs. This level of customization and attentive service has been pivotal in Farmingdale’s continued partnership with Hirezon, underscoring the value of a solution that not only improves processes but also supports the unique requirements of the institution.


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