New! Hirezon is Offering Existing Clients Talent Management Consulting Services

We are extremely excited to announce the official launching of our Talent Management Consulting Service. This optional service is specifically designed to help you, our existing Hirezon customers, get your projects accomplished quickly and economically.

  1. Does your HR Department need additional assistance, but a new position isn’t in the budget?
  2. Is your organization expanding, evolving, or otherwise different than it was even a few months ago?
  3. Perhaps your HR staff is too busy handling their day-to-day work and cannot devote the necessary time to implement a new Hirezon module or review/improve the efficiency of your institution’s existing Hirezon module(s).

Listening carefully to your needs is of the utmost importance. Before solutions can be suggested or recommended, desired outcomes need to be fully understood. Let Hirezon help you gain a competitive advantage to support your institution’s strategic goals and objectives.

Below are a few examples of how Hirezon’s HR Talent Management Consulting can help your institution:

  1. Individual, group, or institutional wide training(s) for all Hirezon modules including Performance Evaluation, Onboarding, Forms, Applicant Tracking, and Faculty / Adjunct Contract Management to identify areas of possible process improvement and to ensure your module(s) are being utilized for maximum efficiency.
  2. Rapid module implementation. Do you want to utilize one of our modules but do not have the staffing or time to implement right now? We can provide you a dedicated specialist to work with your institution on a full-time or part-time basis to get your module(s) up and running quickly.
  3. Has your institution changed since you launched your Hirezon module(s)? We can provide you a dedicated specialist, to work with your institution to review your current processes to ensure they align with institutional changes.
  4. Work with your senior management and HR team in the recruitment of leadership positions (executive search) in a cost-effective way.
  5. Work with your HR team to review, develop and update institutional job descriptions using the Hirezon Job Library module.
  6. Assist your HR team in the development of institutional specific recruitment and advertising strategies. Work with HR team to implement Hirezon’s external job posting integration services allowing your team to post positions at the click of a button to thousands of job boards and/or your external ad agency.
  7. Background Screening integration Assistance (i.e., Reviewing possible vendors and options based on your specific needs).
  8. Partner/assist with development, review, and implementation of HR policies and procedures (in conjunction with your legal counsel as needed) and advise management on the administration of these policies and procedures.
  9. Eliminate time consuming data entry by utilizing Hirezon’s system integration features. Our modules can be configured to send data directly to your existing ERP, HRIS like Ellucian -Banner or Colleague, PeopleSoft, SAP, ADP, and others.

Click here to schedule a meeting regarding our Talent Management Consulting services.


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