Is Your Recruiting Software User-Friendly for a Candidate’s Recommendation Provider?

Most if not all higher education institutions require several letters of recommendation for each candidate once they reach the finalist stage of the recruitment process.  Those reference providers are often times faculty members or administrators who are being asked to write dozens of letters each year for former students or colleagues.  Often times these reference providers are very busy or sometimes even away on sabbatical and not available to use traditional snail mail paper based approaches to provide these recommendations.  This not only can delay the hiring process but also adds to the stress of responding to recommendation requests.

Hirezon/Interview Exchange has responded to this need many years ago by developing an on-line portal for reference providers to be notified of the candidate’s request and then to respond confidentially through our portal.  At the appropriate time in the process, the hiring manager or the HR administrator simply activates the recommendation request built into our Applicant Tracking System (ATS).  The request is sent electronically to the reference provider(s) identified by the candidate, detailing the candidate’s name and the position for which they applied.  The reference provider is then able to respond to the request electronically by attaching the recommendation letter to the candidate’s application file for distribution to the hiring manager and appropriate search committee members.

Recently, a reference provider from one of the higher education institutions from New Mexico who used the system to respond to a recommendation request, took the time to write to Hirezon/Interview Exchange saying,

 “I would like to congratulate you on the trouble-free and efficient internet portal that you use for submission of such letters. I am asked to write dozens of these letters to many universities for former students.  All too many universities use mechanisms for these submissions that are time-consuming and often do not work well.

Yours is one of the easiest and best portals that I have ever had to use. Congratulations!!”

It is indeed an honor and we are grateful to this Professor who took time to let us know about his experience of using our online portal.

We invite you to ask for a free demonstration of this powerful tool that is an optional part of our Applicant Tracking System.


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