Tips for Selecting Applicant Tracking System and Talent Management Software Vendors

You’re not exactly sure where your advertising dollars are being used best!
The largest cost of hiring can often be for many organizations the actual cost of posting your open positions on various advertising sources. Research from various studies show that only 67% of employers have the ability to track applicant sourcing automatically vs. relying on the candidate to identify the source themselves which can be up to 80% inaccurate at times. The simple fact is that your vendor should have technology in place to automatically track the sources of the candidates and eliminate the guess work providing you more accurate insight into where your recruitment advertising budget is being spent.

Your vendor can’t give you the latest functionality NOW!
If your vendor indicates they can’t give you the latest functionality without another implementation that not only takes up staff resources for a significant amount of time but they are also asking for ANOTHER setup and implementation fee and many times training fees as well. A true SAAS vendor should have you on the latest version of their system automatically and never require another implementation for upgrades.

Your vendor doesn’t offer a seamless paperless onboarding process.
Eliminating the outdated paper process during new employee onboarding provides an organization a wide variety of benefits and ROI.  Not only does it eliminate mistakes and incomplete entry of information it also increases your HR staffs ability to provide a better experience to both the new employee and the managers involved in the new hire process. Making sure everything is in order for a new hire in a timely manner is critical in ensuring initial employee engagement resulting in reduced turnover and higher productivity long term.

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