Virtual Performance Evaluations

Raise your hand if you have worked from home at any time during the past six months. As Higher-Ed shifted to a work-from-home environment due to COVID-19, it is time for us to pro-actively adapt to our new norms of work culture. Think about Annual Employee Performance Evaluation. It can be a real challenge to conduct these virtually. With a general sense of uncertainty still ahead, today is the time to prepare for virtual performance evaluations and it is literally possible that way we are operating in the past 4+ months.

The importance of employee evaluations

From exempt tenured faculty to HR staff assistants, all employees need to be kept in the loop on their job performance throughout the year. While we will not dive into all the reasonings behind performance evaluations and competing theories to their effectiveness, the reality is that most colleges and universities still conduct them as their internal process.

Why? In a nutshell, performance evaluations help an employee gauge how they have performed in their role within the institution. This will guide employees and therefore they can be more effective in their role especially during this COVID-19 times and establish career goals.

Virtual performance evaluations

How quickly does your teaching staff adapt to providing an e-learning environment? Some higher education institutions shut down over or close to spring break, allowing educators time to develop online curriculums plan for the remainder of the year.

Did any of them not take it seriously or simply provide a “participation grade”? While we hope this was not the case, a virtual performance evaluation can allow you the HR Administrators and Leadership Team an opportunity to prepare and implement it before the academic year begins for the upcoming semester (Fall or Winter or Spring?).

Hirezon Performance Management Designed for Higher Education

At Hirezon, we recognize the importance of providing higher education administrators with the tools they need to create customized online performance evaluation forms to accommodate the needs of all employees (including exempt and non-exempt), specific departments, and various job types. Administrators have a wide flexibility in assigning evaluation form editing privileges to supervisors.

Click here to download an overview of online Performance Evaluation System available specifically to Higher Ed Institutions.

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