A Well Written Job Description Attracts Top Talent

Why would anyone want to consider applying for an open position and working for your college or university? A well written description should not only describe the job but also the organization.

Three basic elements should be considered:

  1. Organizational Information
    – Name, location and other boiler plate information
    – What differentiates you from other higher education institutions?
    – Why should someone consider applying and then working for you? (Benefits, Organizational culture, Mission, Diversity)
  2. What is the Job?
    – Information about the role and responsibilities
    – Required skills (mandatory or preferred)
  3. Application Instructions
    – Resume/CV
    – Cover letter and other supporting documents

Hirezon’s Interview Exchange Applicant Tracking System for Higher Education has been designed in such a way that you lead with your organizational profile which should be designed to describe not only the boiler plate information such as your name and location, but also key elements about what sets you apart from your competitors. Did we say “competitors”? Yes, competitors. Just as you compete with others for students, you also compete for talent. Just as you want to attract the best and brightest students, you want and need to attract the best and brightest talent in the form of employees.

One of the tremendous advantages of using the Interview Exchange ATS is that it is very easy and efficient for potential candidates to use. If they are prepared with cover letters and supporting documents, they can complete the process quickly and even at a lunch break. They can begin the process and come back if they get interrupted or need to gather more information.

A well written, succinct description of the job is invaluable to the candidates in their decision-making process especially “passive” applicants. Most people today are very thoughtful about the opportunities they choose to pursue. Being equally as thoughtful about describing those job opportunities is just as important.

Following these simple guidelines will produce a qualified applicant pool for consideration.

Sometimes, contractual obligations require postings to include very specific language that is important once a person is hired but actually detracts from the posting just based upon sheer document length. Remember, you want interested candidates to be able to apply quickly and efficiently. The Interview Exchange ATS provides the power and technology to include hyper-links that can bring candidates to the requisite information without adding key strokes and volume to the posting.

Remember, recruiting is a two way street. It must work well, not only for the employer but also for the applicants. It all begins with a well written job description being supported by a robust applicant tracking system such as Interview Exchange.

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