Hirezon – Interview Exchange’s User Community Conference 2022 was very special – read some of the testimonials from our attendees…


This was my first year attending the Hirezon User Conference and I was thoroughly impressed with all aspects of it. All the sessions and lectures were incredibly informative, and I left with a considerable amount of knowledge and many new ideas to bring back to our HR team. It was a pleasure to meet more of the Hirezon team in person; their love and passion for what they do is crystal clear. This was also an excellent opportunity to meet other HR professionals, to learn from them, and to make solid contacts which will last far beyond the conference. I look forward to attending next year!

I loved everything about this conference. I have so many new Interview Exchange ideas to bring back to our team (including new ideas for forms that have nothing to do with job postings or applicants but could help us in other areas). I am also excited about the new MyReferred module, and I would love to see that implemented at Clark. I think it is an amazing idea and could really help Clark proactively recruit talent. Failed searches (including in our own HR office) are both discouraging and a waste of time, and I honestly believe the new MyReferred module could help us hone in on the talent we are looking for. All the conference sessions and lecturers were fantastic. I loved the diversity in topics and the fact that the lectures weren’t necessarily specific to Hirezon, yet very important topics for HR professionals, made for a really well-rounded conference and one that allowed me to walk away with quite a bit of information.

Conference sessions aside, the other thing that made this event a huge success was the time we had in the evenings to enjoy dinner, drinks, wonderful conversations, and fun (outstanding venue!). That time was hugely helpful in my making new connections which I have exchanged contact information with. It also gave me time to not only have the opportunity to meet and know more of the Hirezon team, but also allowed me to get to know the Hirezon team member I usually work with on a different level. Having the time to drop shop talk, hang out, and get to know each other more personally as individuals was the absolute best. You couple that with a great lineup of sessions for a conference and you have an unbeatable success. I was a little bummed when the conference ended, to be honest; I wanted to stay and keep it going!

Thank you for this great opportunity and for all the work you and all of your team put into it. It was truly an outstanding couple of days!

Kim Fisher, Clark University


Interview Exchange has changed the way Middlesex Community College does HR in such a significant way. Although we have used the ATS for many years, most recently we implemented the use of the Forms and Onboarding modules, and it was the best decision that we have ever made. We had the best support from the IE team and implementation was so smooth. We are excited to continue to utilize Interview Exchange and find new ways to push our department into a fully online and paperless process.

Everything was so awesome. The presenters were all great. I especially loved the presentations led by IE tech support and those led by leaders at other colleges who had used the system. It was very eye opening to see how others were using the systems. I had thought that we were primarily paperless but since the conference, I will be meeting with my team to follow-up on items I learned at the conference.

The venue was great, and you are great hosts to us all! It was both educational and fun!

Marielle Abou-Mitri, Middlesex Community College


Great conference! Met a lot of other users of the system and got some great ideas for how to use it even better. Venue was great, people were nice, and food was wonderful. I met a lot of wonderful people at this conference and was able to get some great information about how they use the onboarding and applicant tracking systems. With their tips, I can better develop our own processes.

I am excited to move forward with these new ideas.

Susan Moore, Worcester State University


The conference provided an excellent opportunity to see how other institutions are using the Hirezon-Interview Exchange software. I came away with a lot of ideas on how to improve our use of the software. Meeting with other Higher Education HR professionals and listening to knowledgeable speakers made for a well-rounded conference.

I found the conference to share a lot of great information and it was nice to meet new HR professionals in Higher Education.

Erin Perna, The College of Wooster


This was my first time attending this conference and I found it be very informative. This was a wonderful opportunity to meet other Higher Ed HR professionals. I enjoyed speaking to many of them about how their institutions use Interview Exchange. The Hirezon staff were absolutely fantastic! They were so welcoming and very informative, I really enjoyed getting to meet so many of them.

This was my first time attending this conference and was so impressed with the whole thing. The venue was great, the food was delicious, and the topics were very informative. NSCC is going to being using the Onboarding Module in August and I really enjoyed the presentations by Susan at Worcester State and Kimberly at Framingham State.

Katelyn Considine, North Shore Community College


I really enjoyed the conference, a lot of great people, good presenters, and the venue was perfect for this sort of event! I do have to say this was a great conference for new users or individuals using the system already, we have been a long-time user already, but it was great to see how other Universities/Colleges are using the system. I learned areas in which we can make some changes and to streamline our process a little bit more.

Dan Macioce, Sacred Heart University


Great venue, interesting topics. Conference sessions were very informative, it was helpful to see what other institutions are doing. I also had the opportunity to meet Hirezon staff and find additional solutions for my institution.

Vanessa Clark, Our Lady of the Lake University


Great experience for my 1st Hirezon/Interview Exchange Conference. Our team is extremely excited about implementing the Employee Onboarding Module and working on continuous improvements with our current processes. Look forward to attending next year!

Zania Rogers, The Fashion Institute of Technology


The user conference is a great opportunity to see how other Colleges/Universities use the Interview Exchange platform. The topics discussed were good. The Interview Exchange team is very engaging, and you have plenty of opportunities to bounce questions to peers as well as the IE staff.

Carl Marcelin Bunker Hill Community College


The event was wonderful. Since the pandemic began, we have been unable to meet the Hirezon team. It was certainly wonderful to put a face to a name. Venue was great, perfect for the event. Having the opportunity to connect with other institutions was invaluable. Topics were relevant and those who were speakers were very knowledgeable.

Tasha Estrella, Salve Regina University


All the presentations were informative, engaging, and relevant to HR and Interview Exchange. The food and venue were very good. The schedule was well laid out. Loved to be able to see how other customers are using the program and the upcoming enhancements based on customer feedback. Attending the conference gave us the kick we needed to complete the development of the Onboarding module on our end.

Melissa Cody, Westfield State University


This was my first conference and I got to say it was great. Lots of great presentations and information. It is always great to networking as well.

Jenilee Simmons, Quinsigamond Community College


Although this was my first year attending the Hirezon conference, I have been using the Hirezon product for over three years now. I worked on the implementation of the Payroll Action Form for the Payroll office in 2019 and have been supporting it since. I met most of the Hirezon employees, who assisted with this implementation, at this conference. It was nice to put the familiar names to their faces. I look forward to next year.

Lisa Toto, Bunker Hill Community College


For being where we are with IE, it gave us such a positive outlook on seeing that other colleges are where we are, behind, or ahead. It provided what we can do so much more and have a great back up to make the forms what we want. Making the connections on how things work for others gave us useful tools and feedback for when it is our turn to implement.

Jessica Schavrien, Quinsigamond Community College


The Hirezon conference provided an exceptional experience! It was an experience where I could see firsthand how my HR colleagues within the higher education system have continued to customize Interview Exchange as their needs have evolved over the years. I would highly recommend the Hirezon-Interview Exchange User Community Conference to anyone who is considering implementing Interview Exchange or who has already and is seeking to review the ways in which colleagues use Interview Exchange

Logan Taylor, Massachusetts College of Art and Design



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