MyReferred™: Next-Generation Employee Referral Platform

Unlocking the Power Within: How Internal Resources Can Revolutionize Talent Acquisition

Unlocking Internal Potential

As an employer, have you ever struggled to find qualified candidates for your open positions? This is a constant challenge all businesses face, but what if we told you that the solution might be right under your nose? Your current employees could be the key to building a private talent pool that can help you quickly and efficiently fill your hiring needs.

Nurturing Employee Engagement

By proactively engaging your employees on an ongoing basis, you can create a growing pool of potential candidates who share a vested interest in your company’s success. Existing employees know the organizational guiding principles and culture and tend to refer the only the best individuals.

Efficient Talent Acquisition

MyReferred™ is a talent acquisition platform that will support your talent acquisition strategy quickly building a strong talent pool, through a non-intrusive, highly effective approach. This method can significantly reduce the time and cost of hiring while developing a pool of highly qualified candidates, both passive and active.

Maximizing Internal Resource

Overall, MyReferred™ is an effective talent acquisition program that allows you to tap into the most valuable resource you have – your current employees – to create a growing pool of potential candidates and streamline your hiring process. By leveraging your existing talent and nurturing relationships with potential candidates, you can build a strong, engaged workforce that is invested in your company’s success.

Uncovering Hidden Talent

Passive candidates are individuals who are currently employed but may be open to new opportunities. These candidates are often the best fit for your organization, and MyReferred™ uses the latest social networking techniques and innovative one-to-one marketing to connect you with top talent and simplify relationship building.

Build Your Workforce

Gain real-time visibility into your private talent pool so that you know what you have before you need it. As business plans evolve, resource planning no longer has to be reactionary. You can quickly survey your talent pool and ensure that your staffing requirements are met on time.

Streamlined Talent Management

MyReferred’ s state-of-the-art selection tool helps your organization effectively manage the talent acquisition process from your private talent database. An EXCLUSIVE database which no other company has access to. Instantly search, create frequently used shortlists and bookmarks, announce new openings, and communicate with qualified prospects based on their profiles.

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