Hirezon’s MyReferred™: Revolutionizing Talent Acquisition through Exclusive, Privacy-Focused Networking 

At Hirezon, we understand the importance of finding the right talent while maintaining privacy and exclusivity. MyReferred™, a key offering from Hirezon, empowers your company to develop a highly qualified talent pool through proactive and discreet engagement strategies. Our platform is designed to align seamlessly with the evolving needs of your workforce, ensuring that you are equipped to meet future challenges with the best talent available. 

In today’s competitive job market, finding exceptional talent is a familiar challenge. MyReferred™ offers a unique solution: an opportunity to cultivate your own private talent pool, sourced directly from your company’s most valuable assets—your existing employees and extensive network of contacts including vendors, shareholders, and supporters. 

Why MyReferred™ Stands Out

Exclusive Talent Database: Access a private database filled with potential candidates actively engaged with your company or strongly connected to your network. This resource is exclusive and not available to other companies, providing you with a unique edge in talent acquisition. 

Proactive Engagement: Utilize cutting-edge social networking techniques and personalized marketing to build relationships with top talent. You can easily search, manage, and communicate with qualified prospects based on their profiles. 

Efficient Referral System: Encourage your current employees and network to periodically refer new talents, effectively expanding your talent pool with high-quality candidates. Referrals are likely to recommend only those who perform well, ensuring a pool of capable candidates. 

Passive and Active Candidate Sourcing: By tapping into both passive and active job seekers, MyReferred™ rapidly forms a dedicated pool of candidates. This includes those who may not be actively seeking new opportunities but are open to compelling offers. 

Confidential, Invitation-Only Access: Maintain the exclusivity and confidentiality of your talent pool through an invitation-only system, ensuring that only selected individuals can view or join the network. 

How MyReferred™ Works

Invitations: Current employees and network contacts receive a personalized email from a senior leader within your company, containing a unique invitation link. 

Profile Creation: Recipients can click the link to create their profiles, showcasing their unique skills and experiences. 

Referral Expansion: Using the ‘Add Invitee’ tool, individuals can recommend others to join the talent pool, rapidly expanding the network with potential high-quality candidates. 

Talent Review and Recruitment: Your HR team can review these profiles and invite suitable candidates for open positions, significantly streamlining the recruitment process. 

Key Benefits of MyReferred™

Real-Time Visibility: Maintain oversight of your talent pool, allowing for proactive adjustments to meet your staffing needs as your business evolves. 

Cost and Time Efficiency: Significantly reduce the costs and time associated with traditional recruitment methods. 

Support for Diversity Initiatives: Leverage the diverse backgrounds of your network to enhance your company’s diversity and inclusion efforts. 

User-Friendly Interface: Navigate and manage interactions with potential candidates easily through a streamlined, intuitive platform. 

Join the future of recruitment with MyReferred™, where your next great hire is just a referral away. Experience the power of a private, proactive talent pool today. 

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