MyReferred™: Next-Generation Employee Referral Platform

Discover Excellence with MyReferred’s Super Charged Referral for Talent Acquisition

MyReferred™ empowers Academic Institution to create a dynamic and highly qualified talent pool while maintaining privacy and exclusivity. It facilitates proactive engagement with potential candidates and aligns with the evolving needs of your organization’s workforce.
“It’s challenging to find exceptional talent in today’s competitive job market.” Throughout the history of employer-employee relationships, we’ve heard this refrain repeatedly, and it remains as relevant as ever.

Exceptional talent is indeed out there, and what if we told you that you have the opportunity to create your very own private talent pool, ready to fulfill your current and future staffing needs, as well as support your Institution strategic planning? This invaluable resource is right under your nose—your existing employees, students and Alumni.

The concept behind MyReferred™ is to proactively engage your current employees, students and alumni continually, creating a steadily expanding pool of potential candidates who share a genuine interest in joining your Institution. Referrals from your current employees tend to yield the highest-quality candidates because no one wants to refer an underperformer.

MyReferred™ offers an exclusive database unavailable to other Institution. It leverages both passive and active talent through social networking processes, rapidly forming a pool of dedicated candidates. This non-intrusive yet remarkably effective approach can significantly reduce the time and cost associated with hiring. Furthermore, it has the potential to connect you with second- and third-degree contacts, often leading to the most highly qualified candidates. Many of these candidates will fall into the “passive” category—individuals currently employed who may not actively seek new opportunities but are intrigued by compelling ones. These passive candidates often represent the cream of the crop for your Institution. The best part? It’s a confidential, invitation-only opportunity.

Utilizing cutting-edge social networking techniques and personalized one-to-one marketing, MyReferred™ simplifies the process of building relationships with top talent. You can easily search, manage, and communicate with qualified prospects based on their profiles.

Gain real-time visibility into your private talent pool, allowing you to stay ahead of your staffing needs. This method can significantly reduce the time and costs associated with hiring while creating a reservoir of highly qualified passive and active job seekers. With a developed talent pool, resource planning can transition from a reactionary process to a proactive one. As your business plans take shape and resource requirements evolve, MyReferred™ enables you to promptly survey your talent pool, ensuring that your staffing needs are met promptly.


Here’s how it works:

  • Current faculty, staff, alumni, and students receive an email from your Institution’sPresident, Office of Human Resources, or another esteemed member of yourleadership team. The email includes a unique invitation link.
  • Recipients click on the invitation link to establish their profiles.
  • Once their profiles are set up, they can use the “Add Invitee” tool to recommend 3-5 (or more) individuals they believe would make valuable additions to your HigherEd Institution.
           i. Imagine the possibilities: if each of your 1000 community membersprovides 5 referrals, you’ll immediately gain access to an impressive               5,000potential candidates.
           ii. Now, take it a step further, with each of these referrals contributing 5contacts, and your talent pool expands exponentially to a                               remarkable25,000 prospective contact profiles for consideration.
  • The referred individuals have the option to create their own profiles, showcasingtheir unique skills, talents, and experiences.
  • Your HR team can then review this exclusive list of referrals, identifying andinviting those who align with open positions from your integrated ATS that matchtheir skillsets.
  • As an added bonus, considering the diversity of your faculty, staff, alumni, andstudents, these referrals can play a pivotal role in advancing any diversityinitiatives your organization may have.

We firmly believe in the importance of bringing in individuals who are passionate about your mission and fully committed to its success.


Here are some key features of MyReferred™:

  • Exclusive Database: MyReferred™ provides access to an exclusive database thatis not available to other Institutions. This database is populated with potentialcandidates who are actively engaged with your organization or have strongconnections to it, such as current faculty, staff, alumni, and students.
  • Confidential and Invitation-Only: MyReferred™ operates as a confidential andinvitation-only platform. This means that the talent pool is not accessible toexternal parties, ensuring the privacy and exclusivity of your network.
  • Referral System: MyReferred™ incorporates a referral system that allows yourcurrent stakeholders to refer potential candidates. Faculty, staff, alumni, andstudents can easily recommend individuals they believe would be a good fit foryour Institution, thus expanding your talent pool.
  • Passive and Active Talent Sourcing: MyReferred™ leverages social networkingprocesses to source both passive and active talent. It identifies individuals who maynot be actively job-seeking but are open to exploring new opportunities. Thisbroadens your candidate pool to include highly qualified, often hidden, talent.
  • One-to-One Marketing: The platform uses innovative one-to-one marketingtechniques to build relationships with potential candidates. This personalizedapproach ensures that communication with prospects is relevant and engaging.
  • Profile Management: MyReferred™ allows individuals in your talent pool tocreate and manage their profiles. This feature enables candidates to showcase theirskills, talents, and experiences, making it easier for your HR team or HiringManager to identify suitable matches for open positions.
  • Real-Time Visibility: Gain real-time visibility into your private talent pool. Thisfeature provides insights into the skills, qualifications, and interests of potentialcandidates, allowing you to stay ahead of your staffing needs.
  • Resource Planning: MyReferred™ supports proactive resource planning. As yourbusiness plans evolve and new opportunities arise, you can quickly survey yourtalent pool to identify candidates who align with your evolving requirements.
  • Diversity Initiatives: MyReferred™ recognizes the importance of diversity andinclusion. By tapping into the diverse network of your faculty, staff, alumni, andstudents, you can champion diversity initiatives within your Institution byattracting a variety of talent.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform is designed with a user-friendly interface,making it easy for both referrers and HR teams to navigate, manage profiles, andcommunicate with potential candidates.
  • Cost and Time Savings: MyReferred’s efficient approach to talent sourcing andmanagement can significantly reduce the time and cost associated with traditionalrecruiting methods.

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