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Using the Power of Your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to Pre-qualify Your Applicant Pool

Hirezon’s Interview Exchange Applicant Tracking System designed for Higher Education anticipated this need and has included a series of qualifying questions called COREquisites (Comprehensive Occupational Requirements Evaluator) that help to separate those who meet minimum qualifications from those that do not.

Performance Appraisal is a Two-Way Street

Hirezon/Interview Exchange is a leader in the field of providing talent management software solutions for higher education.

A Well Written Job Description Attracts Top Talent

Why would anyone want to consider applying for an open position and working for your college or university? A well written description should not only describe the job but also the organization. Three basic elements should be considered: Organizational Information – Name, location and other boiler plate information – What differentiates you from other higher […]

User’s Perspective of the Interview Exchange Applicant Tracking System

By Russ Vickstrom, Director of HR (Retd), Worcester State University Applicant Tracking through the Interview Exchange ATS, is certainly a powerful administrative tool for higher education HR staff and search committees as they do their work to effectively process and review candidates for open positions at each campus.  Eliminating paper from the process, streamlining the […]

Tips for Selecting Applicant Tracking System and Talent Management Software Vendors

You’re not exactly sure where your advertising dollars are being used best! The largest cost of hiring can often be for many organizations the actual cost of posting your open positions on various advertising sources. Research from various studies show that only 67% of employers have the ability to track applicant sourcing automatically vs. relying […]

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