HirezonJobs Pay-Per-Job-ATS™

HirezonJobs Pay-Per-Job-ATS™ is your complete recruiting solution from sourcing to hiring of all your new hires.

Employer Package

HirezonJobs Pay-Per-Job-ATS™ Highlights

  • Automatically pre-screens applicants based on their responses to position-specific qualification questionnaires, and generates customized acknowledgement and thank-you messages.
  • Enables hiring manager/Team reviewer to efficiently review and rank applicants, and attach comments, notes and additional files.
  • Facilitates flexible communication among hiring team members and quick and easy communication with candidates.
  • Optional EEO/AA data collection and reporting.
  • Comprehensive data for evaluating effectiveness of recruiting strategies.
  • Candidates’ information is available and downloadable during the entire recruitment process, and for 12 months afterwards.
  • Customer support is available for all users – applicants, hiring team members.

How HirezonJobs Pay-Per-Job-ATS™ works?

  • Once you place the order Hirezon Team member will contact and assist you for the entire process.
  • User training and support is available during entire recruitment process.


Recruit From Any Talent Pool

Package Features


Recruit From Any Talent Pool
  • Career site link
  • Direct Applicants from All Your Advt. Sources (both online and Print) to HirezonJobs ATS
  • AA/EEO, OFCCP, Section 503 Questionnaire-optional
  • Acknowledgement email to all applicants upon submission


Tools to Manage the Hiring Process
  • Candidate portal to see real time search status
  • HR or Search chair to communicate to one or more candidates using system email
  • Collaboration / Messaging Tools
  • Configurable Alerts


Focus on Qualified Applicants
  • Job-Specific Screening Questions
  • COREquisites Question Library
  • Dynamic Screening
  • Rule-based Ranking
  • Document Storage and Management


Good Data, Better Decisions
  • Source/Advt. Performance
  • Applicant Quality by Source/Advt
  • Recruiting Process Overview
  • Diversity data
  • Time to Fill
  • Cost Per hire and Other meaningful recruitment related reports



April 21-23, 2024

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