Transform Your Recruitment Process with Hirezon's JobFlex ATS

Embrace the Future of Digital Recruitment

Paper-based processes are outdated and extremely inefficient. Hirezon-Interview Exchange JobFlex ATS is your gateway to a modern recruitment approach. Showcase your institution’s commitment to sustainable practices. JobFlex ATS is a smart choice for smaller institutions.

Why Choose Hirezon JobFlex ATS? 

Eco-Friendly Recruitment: Reduce resource expenditures while supporting sustainable practices. 

Cost-Effective: Pay only for what you need. Avoid unnecessary expenses and focus on what’s essential for your institution. 

Seamless Integration: Blends seamlessly into your existing recruitment processes. 

Key Features of JobFlex ATS 

  • No Setup Fees or Long-Term Contracts: Enjoy flexibility without hidden costs. 
  • Unique Job IDs for streamlined job postings. 
  • Easy job posting on multiple boards with a specific Job ID link. 
  • Intuitive application process and standardized employment application. 
  • Multiple document upload for a seamless applicant experience. 
  • Career site page with your institution’s logo. 
  • Automated email acknowledgments and standard email templates (Interview Invitations, Regret Letters, etc.). 
  • Customized pre-screening questions for efficient candidate filtering. 
  • Comprehensive Business Intelligence reports for insights on performance and diversity. 
  • Unlimited role-based user accounts (Super Admin, HR Admin, Hiring Manager, Team Reviewers). 
  • 24/7 support for users and applicants.

Affordable Pricing Options 

JobFlex ATS provides versatile plans tailored to your requirements, offering options for 2, 5, or 10 job postings, with a 12-month inventory period. The implementation process is streamlined and user-friendly, ensuring that orders are processed and executed promptly, typically within 24 hours. 

Flexible Packages: 

  • JobFlexATS2: $600 
  • JobFlexATS5: $1,400 
  • JobFlexATS10: $2,700 

Join the Digital Recruitment Revolution

Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your recruitment efficiency, reduce costs, and support a greener planet. Request a demo today to see how Hirezon’s JobFlex ATS can revolutionize your hiring process. We’re excited to partner with you in achieving recruitment excellence. With Hirezon JobFlex ATS, efficient and sustainable hiring is not just a goal—it’s a reality. 



September 24-27, 2024

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